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Welcome Prospective Parents

My name is Anne Nowell and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am the Principal of Saint Joseph Catholic School. I welcome you to our wonderful Pre-School through 8th Grade School that has so much to offer to your children and to you.

So why choose St. Joseph? We offer excellent academics throughout all grades, using technology as one of the key tools. We have very passionate and motivated teachers to instill consistent progress in all subjects. St. Joseph is proud to be a member of the Drexel School System, meaning that iPads, blended learning, and student data are key ways to guarantee student success. Our 8th grade classes have over 95 percent of students accepted into the top 5 Catholic High Schools in Santa Clara County.

Emotionally, students are very well cared for. The faculty and staff are consistently fair, caring, and dedicate themselves to educating the whole child. Our school has a strict no bully program, and a fair and consistent discipline program. We have a “buddy” program, which is a blend of the older and younger grades, and together they participate in different fun and creative activities several times a year.

Spiritually, St. Joseph is committed to our Catholic identity in every way. We hold monthly School Masses at the School or at St. Joseph Church. We celebrate two Sacraments with the students – First Eucharist for second graders and Confirmation for seventh and eighth graders. Many of our students serve as Alter Servers during both school Masses and on the weekend at Church Masses. Each day we pray at the start if the day, again at lunch, and at the end of the day.

Visit www.sjmv.org to see the other wonderful opportunities that our school offers to our students and parents. For more information or to set up a tour, please contact us at 650-967-1839.