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Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting this web page that I made. I researched on the Chinese game, Mahjong because I thought this game was very interesting and also I'm part Chinese and it helped me learn some facts about my background that I didn't know about until I made this page. I don't have all the facts about mahjong but on the bottom of all the information that I do have, please click on the links to have a better understanding on Mahjong and the history of it. Have fun and enjoy! Bye!


    Mahjong for those of you who don't know, is a game that has been played in China for several hundreds of years. In its modern form, it has been played with a set of 144 tiles divided into 3 suits and honor tiles. Play has often been compared to western games like Gin Rummy. This section of my site expounds upon my way of playing Mahjong, which is originally close to Chinese. However, there are a lot of variations of mahjong but you wont here of them from me...

    Playing mahjong has been a time honored tradition in China. it is still being considered as a way of relaxation. Now people can provide mahjong sets either made from bone or bamboo at competitive prices. Mahjong today, compared to 60 or 70 years ago, mahjong and its social atmosphere has undergone a considerable change. It is still a leisure activity nowadays.

 Mahjong was invented in the year 1850. The game Mahjong was originated in China. This game has many different names like Ma Diao, Ma Cheuk, Baak Ling, or Pung Chow. There are many theories about this game, it was once said that it was first played on Noah's Arc, so the game would eventually date back to around 2350B.C. First Confucious said he invented the game in 500B.C, the Sung Dynasty (960-1279AD) said it was invented or revised from another game called "Yae Pei", again it was said that the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD) revised the game again from another one called "Ma Tiae" until finally in 1850 the game of Mahjong was invented by two brothers in the city of Ningpo.

This is what a set of mahjong blocks looked like 100 years ago and now they're more modern. They're more colorful and heavy duty material. Some sets are very expensive and some of the tiles are marble that's why they are very costly.

This invention is a game that people in China used to play. It was their favorite game at that time and it was their first gambling game. It grew larger in other asian countries and spread throughout the world. Before in China, everyone was anti-social until this game was made. When it was finally invented , everyone got together and their social lives grew larger because they got to know more people. This game also helped during the Great Depression of America.

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