The Magnificent Safety Pin

  The safety pin was invention and an improvement of a pin.  Both improved and invented by a man named walter Hunt in New York the year eighteen forty nine.   The safety pin is made out of a small piece of metal.  This metal in which the safety pin was made was a combination of copper, iron, aluminum, gold, silver, and platinum.  These metal were heated and formed into a small piece of combined metals.  It all started one afternoon..  Walter Hunt had to think of a way on how to pay back a fifteen dollar debt.  He was sitting at his desk just twisting a piece of wire while trying to think of how to pay back his debt.  He sat twisting wire for three full hours and realized what he had created.  He called it the safety pin.  He although did not invent the safety pin he just improved it.

The man whom Hunt had borrowed the money from was the one who gave him the piece of wire and told him he would pay him four hundred dollars for all the rights to whatever Walter Hunt created.  In exchange Walter Hunt sold him the safety pin and all the rights to the device.
for four hundred dollars.  The reason this man wanted Walter Hunt to create something was because Walter Hunt was a inventor.
    This safety pin wasn't the first pin, but it was the first one with a clasp to keep from poking.
The first safety pin was invented by the ancient Greeks, Italians, and Sicilians.  It had two things wrong with it one it had no clasp and second it had no spring at the end to help put it in place.
    The safety pin was designed to help pin things together.  The safety pin is used for many things kind of like a temporary button, zipper, or it can hold a rip or babies diapers. The safety pin was very useful to all people.  It will continue to  be useful in every day life.  Walter Hunt's improvement was very helpful to all.  All it took to create this device was a piece of wire, imagination, and a little time.

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