The value of Saint Joseph athletics has long been an accepted tenet of Catholic school education, which strives to develop each individual in a manner fostering growth of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical characteristics.

The San Jose Catholic Athletic League(SJCAL) provides a school year program for all fourth through eighth grade students. Sports played are softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, swimming and track. SJCAL provides inter-scholastic competition for schools in our area and their existence strives to provide:

  • an opportunity for all students who wish to participate to be members of a team
  • organized whenever possible to the ability level of the individual participant
  • a full selection of sports for both boys and girls so that each may participate, learn the game, strive to excel at their level by improving their skills and abilities
  • opportunities for all participants to enjoy athletics and provide their parents the enjoyment of seeing them compete
  • for each student athlete, once joining a team, opportunity to commit himself or herself to fulfilling all obligations of that team including attendance at all practices and games, and good sportsmanship at all times
  • for each team member to participate in practices and games whenever deemed possible by coaching staff
  • for coaches to always to be mindful of the importance of their role as teacher, not only of sports, but also of conduct and deportment on the field and floor at all times, good sportsmanship regardless of their game’s outcome and show of appreciation and respect for opponents as individuals of equal value
  • for teams to respect opponents at all times and make a concerted effort to prevent running up scores by playing subs when game outcomes are apparent
  • for each player to have every opportunity to gain and increase self-esteem, respect for all teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials, and compete in a Christian-like manner, upholding religious teachings and beliefs
  • an opportunity to use athletics as an important means of furthering school and team spirit
  • an opportunity for all players to demonstrate their endorsement of Catholic school education by exhibiting good sportsmanship, positive support, and acceptable conduct at all times.