Our Staff

Assal Triolo

Mrs. Triolo has had a lifelong love of the arts. She enjoys creating her own artwork, viewing other artists work, and of course, teaching art. This is her 4th year teaching art with the St. Joseph family. She teaches Kindergarten through 8th grade students every week; it’s an art-whirlwind but, she LOVES IT!

Mrs. Triolo received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from SJSU and worked as a professional graphic artist for 10 years prior to joining St. Joseph as the Director of Art. Her graphic design education and experience plays a major part in her teaching technique where every detail counts, right down to the presentation of student artwork!

She has two boys who attend St. Joseph’s and a twin sister for whom you might mistake her. When she is not teaching and planning FUN and INSPIRING lessons for her students, she spends time with her family, tends to her succulent garden and enjoys attending country concerts.

Email: assal.triolo@dsj.org