Our Staff

Kirsten Davis

Kirsten Davis, the sixth grade homeroom teacher,  teaches sixth grade Language Arts, as well as sixth, seventh and eighth grade Math.  She grew up in Mountain View and attended St. Simon Elementary and St. Francis High.   She received a BS in International Business and earned an MBA from Santa Clara University.   After helping run a high tech staffing firm for many years, Mrs. Davis returned to school to get her teaching credential.  She taught fourth and fifth grades and worked in Special Education in a public school environment prior to coming to St. Joseph.  In her spare time, she helps mentor a local high school Robotics team, enjoys tinkering and spending time with her husband and two teenagers!   She is looking forward to becoming part of the St. Joseph community.




6th Grade ELA 

  • Balanced literacy program
  • Workshop style narrative, argumentative, and informative writing
  • Workshop style multi-genre literature, novel studies, and independent reading program
  • Speaking and Listening skills


6th Grade Math 

  • Number systems, fractions and decimals, algebraic expressions and equations, geometry, ratios and proportions, statistics, probability
  • Inquiry-based and collaborative learning


7th Grade Math 

  • Math 7 and accelerated Math 7 offered
  • Integers, Rational Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Ratios, Proportions, Percents and Rates, Geometry, Probability and Statistics
  • Inquiry-based and collaborative learning


8th Grade Math 

  • Math 8 and accelerated Math 8 (algebra 1) offered
  • Equations, Transformations, Geometry, Graphing and Linear Equations, Functions, Real numbers, Pythagorean Theorem, Volume and Surface Areas, Data Analysis, Exponents and Scientific Notations
  • Inquiry-based and collaborative learning
Email: kirsten.davis@dsj.org