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Welcome Mrs. Jennifer Garzia

For the past ten years Mrs. Jennifer Garzia has dedicated her professional life to students, teachers, and stakeholders at Catholic and international schools in the US, Brazil and Italy.

A Minnesota native, Mrs. Garzia first developed a passion for language immersion education while studying abroad and volunteering at a British school in Chile. Upon completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from The College of Saint Benedict, she began her teaching career in Minnesota.

With a thirst for acquiring Portuguese, spent the next four years teaching at a Catholic international school in Brazil. While heading a school improvement team aimed at school accreditation, she gained leadership experience and a deep respect for school improvement. Therefore, she began her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and career in administration in Italy.

She looks forward to serving and collaborating with the students, families, faculty and stakeholders of St. Joseph Mountain View for what is sure to be a promising school year.