Our Staff

Michelle Deering

Ms. Deering has been an educator for over eleven years. This is her first year teaching at SJMV. She started her career in Southern California. She has experience teaching all subjects with a focus on Math, Science, and Mesa primarily in grades 5 through 8. When she is not teaching she loves reading, spending time with her family, and gardening.



6th Grade ELA 

  • Balanced literacy program
  • Workshop style narrative, argumentative, and informative writing
  • Workshop style multi-genre literature, novel studies, and independent reading program
  • Speaking and Listening skills


6th Grade Math 

  • Number systems, fractions and decimals, algebraic expressions and equations, geometry, ratios and proportions, statistics, probability
  • Inquiry-based and collaborative learning


7th Grade Math 

  • Math 7 and accelerated Math 7 offered
  • Integers, Rational Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Ratios, Proportions, Percents and Rates, Geometry, Probability and Statistics
  • Inquiry-based and collaborative learning


8th Grade Math 

  • Math 8 and accelerated Math 8 (algebra 1) offered
  • Equations, Transformations, Geometry, Graphing and Linear Equations, Functions, Real numbers, Pythagorean Theorem, Volume and Surface Areas, Data Analysis, Exponents and Scientific Notations
  • Inquiry-based and collaborative learning


Email: mdeering@sjmv.org

Email: mdeering@sjmv.org